Inventory management is an essential part that is often overlooked by many companies. It helps companies identify the requirements of inventory they have during a period of time. The practice of inventory management ensures there are enough stocks. It solely refers to the process of ordering, using, storing and selling a company's inventory. It is a cyclic process of production and maintenance of a company's inventory. Vestano takes care of this, and provides assistance to the purchasing department. We audit and track the stock from time to time, in order to reduce repair cost and any additional charges. Thus, we facilitate good marketing and selling points. These are the services we provide;

  • Physical Inventory
    ● Annual Stock Take ● Monthly Inventory for Perishables ● Physical Inventory in High Value ● Cyclic Count Practice ● Overheads Stock Check and Control
  • Develop Daily, Weekly & MIS Report
  • Stock Analysis and Control
  • Nil sales Analysis and Control
  • NOD Analysis and Control
  • Shrinkage and Scrap Analysis and Control
  • Production Process Analysis and Restructuring
  • Receiving SOP Implementation
  • Store Operational SOP Implementation for Stock Management and Control
  • Warehouse Stock Management.
  • Central Purchase Stock Management.

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