Supermarket Consulting

There are numerous reasons for you to approach a consulting business, and Vestano can assure you one thing- we will read your pulse and make your supermarket a success. When it comes to a business, studying the current market is immensely essential. Our procedures start with the analysis of competition and scope for revenue. With that being done, Vestano becomes the backbone of its clients. A thorough study of the market allows us to knit the strategies and study the environment. A consultant's job does not end there. We run our plans and perform many actions to make your business flourish. You may find the liat of services under Retail Consulting.

Retail Consulting

In retail consulting, Vestano International does a complete solution for hypermarkets. It starts with the routine research and gradually moves on with different work we undertake. Here is a list of services that we provide while opening a store:

● HR Consulting ● Inventory Management ● Capital Budgeting of Project ● Revenue Budgeting - Sales,Purchae and Finance ● Company/LLP formation,GST registration,etc ● Software installation and Training ● Implementation of POS System and Training ● Store Layout ● Implementation of Accounting System ● Central/Local Pricing Control ● Pricing Strategy ● New Store Planogram Preparation ● Store Purchase Coordination and Supplier Management ● Bargaining and Other Income ● Store categorization settings ● Purchase trade (Vestano undertakes GT,MT,NT) ● Store display management ● Categorization of Product ● Category wise Stock Allocation ● Marketing strategy.

Big & Small Appliance Store Consulting

When we talk about a space, the question of appliances will pop up anyway. Well maintained houses, offices, stores have appliances that make up the very meaning of it. Consumers are particular about their lifestyle choices. Thus, an appliance business, be it big or small, needs good guidance. As a consulting venture, Vestano has the expertise and experience to channel the new or existing appliance store in accordance with the current market. Vestano will assist you with suggestions, plans, estimation, categorization, employee guidance, licensing, and more!

Mobile Stores Consulting

Every business idea needs professional support to sustain and grow. Mobile stores are not an exception when it comes to consultation. Vestano offers guidance and budget estimation for mobile stores. These are in fact the common matters we do for every business. There are different kinds of consulting assistance a store needs- store layout, store categorization setting, store display management, marketing strategies etc. Since mobile stores have to be updated with every new trend, our assistance will not end with the initial establishment of the store.

Hotels/ Restaurants Consulting

It is not that unusual to see many hotels and restaurants struggle to bring out the best in them. T0he major reason why most of the traditional as well as newly established hotels and restaurants close down is that they overlook the need of a good consulting service. We at Vestano put an end to these. Once you seek us out, consider your work is done. We help hotels and restaurants with professional advice. An estimation of necessary expense is done to utilise the optimum investment. The key is to identify the strength of hotels and restaurants. With that, a right concept can be formed as per the appropriate target. In restaurants, a unique concept can change the market condition. With out-of-the-box food and beverage ideas, operational guidance and staff training, your business game can change the gravity of the market.