Buying products is an important job for a retailer.
It can be overwhelming to choose from various categories and classes.
Choosing appropriate products for the store can take a good amount of time.
That's when buying and merchandising personnel comes handy.
As a buyer, Vestano International studies the trend, price and availability of the product.
Our merchandising services include the study of financial and commercial viability, and ensuring of the stock flow.
It takes good interpersonal skill, critical analysis and organisational skill to ace the game of buying and merchandising.
Vestano International indulges in various hierarchical trades. Read further to find out:

General Trade:

This is a traditional chain of trade where the buyer only deals with small numbers of sources. Vestano, as a buyer and a merchandiser, makes sure that a personal connection is built through the dealings. Day to day buying surrounds the perishables and goods with lesser shelf life.

Modern Trade:

This is an expansion of smaller chains to relatively bigger ones. Most of the stores are unaware or hesitant to take a leap from the general to modern trade. It may include the bulk buy from different links. By closely looking into the requirements of a store, the buying pattern is studied and altered to achieve desired outcome.

National Trade:

The trade circle becomes larger with the stable connection a buyer makes with the domestic traders. Vestano aids the stores to go beyond the geographical boundaries to get the best product, price, stock flow and connection. Other than these basic trades, we give opening support, other income and display services.

In brief, with the accurate choice of a buying and merchandising representative, a local store can end up in a big picture with domestic and international connection. Vestano undertakes all kinds of dealing, be it perishables like fruits, rice, pulses, vegetables, or things like digital apparatus. Our focus stays undivided.

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